Tips for Dancing from Home

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Tips for Dancing from Home:

Here are some tips on how to make the DFH (dance from home) experience more helpful and rewarding by putting you in the right mindset. Remember, discipline is an asset and and outcome:

Ballet barre

Designate a space in your home that you can make your "home studio". It doesn't have to be fancy, but you should have enough space and some props. If you don't have a dance floor, maybe a yoga mat will do for now. If you don't have a barre, you can use a high chair. We offer lots of training tools for conditioning, strength and recovery such as flexibility bands, etc.

- Dress for dance: Wear your dance shoes appropriate for each class, wear dance attire that's comfortable and makes you feel good (it's part of the motivation!), put your hair in a bun for ballet class or a ponytail for tap and jazz.

- Stay hydrated: Have a water bottle with you even when at home.

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