The Personal Shopper & Virtual Fitting Experience

Sometimes, many times, when purchasing dance shoes and dancewear, there's nothing like talking to somebody who knows the dance products and can understand your needs and what you have in mind. You've bought already three leotards and they're all too large or too small? Your son needs jazz shoes but you can't find men jazz shoes for him? Jazz shoes are unisex but, yes, you have to "translate" the sizes to men/boys sizes. Your daughter is a size 2 and you need Bloch shoes but can't find them anywhere. That's because Bloch doesn't make a 2 but their 4 is a 2... wait... what?

A 1 is a 3, a 5 is a 7, but a 4 is a 6?????????

Yes, shopping for dance shoes and dancewear can be confusing. And sizing charts do not work most of the time. If you need somebody who speaks all the "languages": Capezio, Bloch, So Danca, Mirella, Gaynor Minden, Russian Pointe, etc., just give us a call at 954-755-5722.

Virtual Fittings

We have been doing virtual fittings for Pointe and other shoes for years, for international and domestic clients. While we always recommend a true in-store fitting to ensure the best fit and the best alternative style, this method is the next best thing.

Let us know if you wish to get a virtual fitting (call 954-755-5722 or email us at and we will send you a questionnaire, ask for specific pictures of your feet, and schedule a VIDEO CHAT. After you purchase the shoes, we will VIDEO CHAT again to make sure they fit properly.


For many of our long time shoppers, we keep record of their styles, sizes and purchases. That helps us figure out their current needs. And if you are a new customer, we will ask you some questions to ensure as best as possible a fit with the product you want or an alternate one that may be a best fit for your needs. 

If you have something in mind that could be like something we have or will be receiving shortly, you can text us pictures or email them, and we will reply with a "mini catalog" personalized for you, or guide you by email or over the phone to find items in our large online catalog.

So call 954-755-5722 or email us at for a personalized shopping experience with our retail store ATTITUDE DANCEWEAR.