About Us

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Welcome to the land of dancing supplies! This is Dancerland.com, the online store of Attitude Dancewear. We created this web-shop as an extra vehicle to connect with the thousands of dancers, dance teachers, and dance families that have come to know and appreciate our retail store in South Florida since 2002. 

Dancerland.com is another channel for us to help you pursue your passion for dance and to continue achieving Attitude Dancewear's mission:

"To celebrate trough our products and services the beauty of dance and the pursuit of physical and mental discipline and well being."

Degas Dancer Wall Accessory

Based on our knowledge of dance products, and knowing the difficulties of converting the specific fitting guidelines for hundreds of different products into easy drop-down menu choices, we know an online dance store is not a substitute for the real thing. But it can be a complement. We have tried to be as helpful as possible with our product descriptions in this website, but we still believe that the best scenario is to be fitted at a retail store.

"The internet offers the convenience of shopping from home, but nothing can substitute trying the items at a retail location." 

One of the main things that have made us a destination place for the dance community is that we know the products, and we understand how they fit. Adding to that, in our physical location, we can measure you with a standardized ruler and we can easily make the conversion for each particular style. But there are circumstances that could make it not possible for you to come to our store. And that's the reason why Dancerland.com exists. 

When you shop through Dancerland.com, your order is treated with the same care that we give to any of our Attitude Dancewear customers. We always offer the best quality products, real discounts and brand new products (no factory rejects). And if you are used to shopping at Attitude Dancewear, you will feel at home here too. 

Once again, welcome to Dancerland!