Children Bloch Split Sole Ballet Shoes
Side view Child Bloch Split Sole Pink Ballet
Split sole leather ballet shoes girls

Bloch Prolite II Girls' Hybrid Leather Split Sole Ballet Shoes (S0203G)

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Bloch Prolite II (S0203G) - Girls - Soft leather split sole ballet shoe with canvas arch insert

- Good news, moms! These dance shoes come with pre-sewn criss-cross elastic straps.

- Made with premium grade leather. Durable and comfortable. 

- The canvas insert hugs the foot when pointing, reducing wrinkling.

- Thin cotton drawstring for great adjustment and fit. 

NOTE: Style S0203G (SO203G) indicates girls sizes from 10 to 1.5; for sizes 2 and up go to Style S0203L in this website.

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