Children Bloch Split Sole Ballet Shoes
Side view Child Bloch Split Sole Pink Ballet
Split sole leather ballet shoes girls

Bloch Girls' Split Sole Leather Ballet Shoes - Prolite II (S0203G)

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Bloch Prolite II (S0203G) - Girls - Soft leather split sole ballet shoe with canvas arch insert

- Good news, moms! These dance shoes come with pre-sewn criss-cross elastic straps.

- Made with premium grade leather. Durable and comfortable. 

- The canvas insert hugs the foot when pointing, reducing wrinkling.

- Thin cotton drawstring for great adjustment and fit. 

NOTE: Style S0203G (SO203G) indicates girls sizes from 10 to 1.5; for sizes 2 and up go to Style S0203L in this website.

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