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Capezio Ladies' Hanami Canvas - Split Sole Ballet Shoes (2037W)

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Capezio Ladies Hanami Canvas Split Sole Ballet Shoes - 2037W

Your favorite Capezio! Stretch canvas split-sole ballet shoes (2037W). The canvas upper stretches four ways, giving you a perfect fit. Suede sole patches, flat pleats. No drawstring. Pre-sewn criss-cross elastics.

Adult sizes start at 3. Note that these are ADULT SIZES. For children Hanami go to Style 2037C in this website. Women order 1-2 sizes larger than street shoe. Men order 3-4 sizes larger than street shoe. 

We carry Hanami canvas in other colors and widths as Special Order. Widths: Narrow or Wide. Colors: Tan, Light Suntan, Mocha or White. Call us to order at 954-755-5722

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