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So Danca Bliss Kids (SD16 Youth) - CHILD Stretch Canvas Ballet Shoes (Black, White and Skin Tones)

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So Danca Child Bliss (SD16) - Sand, Black or White - Stretch Canvas Ballet Slippers

Your perfect shade in youth sizes! Stretch canvas ballet slippers by So Danca.

Other Colors & Sizes: SD 16 Light Pink. Also available in Suntan, Mocha, Caramel and  widths A (Narrow), C (Wide) and D (WW). Additional colors and sizes are usually in stock for immediate shipping/delivery/pickup. Call 954-755-5722 to order.

Features: No drawstring. Pre-sewn criss-cross elastic. Cushioned heel pads. Durable and comfortable stretch canvas.

NOTE: For adult sizes go to SD 16 Sand, Suntan or Mocha (sizes 4 to 11.5 adult) or  SD 16 Black or White. Go to SD18 for adult sizes 12 to 15.

ALL VEGAN AVAILABLE: The Bliss (SD16) is available in full vegan material. Call us to order.

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